• Image of "CLEVE" and "LAND" Rings
  • Image of "CLEVE" and "LAND" Rings
  • Image of "CLEVE" and "LAND" Rings

This ring set was inspired by friends and family who take a lot of pride in the city they live in, Cleveland. The rings can be purchased together as a set, or individually.

The "CLEVE" ring is size 7.
The "LAND" ring is size 8.5.

These particular rings were cast in bronze and burnished to a nice golden gleam.

We cultivate organic and hand-wrought textures, the finish can and will change over time. To keep your ring shiny - polish with a dry, soft cloth. Due to the materials used, there may be an easily washable green or grey mark left behind on your skin.

If you really like a particular design that doesn't appear to be available in the size you like, please feel free to send an email, and we can probably custom-make a similar piece that fits the size you require.

If it is in stock, we will ship within 2 days, but often our work is made to order and will ship within 2-3 weeks.